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"The Silence in Family" SemiTheatre

So far, there has been a lot of talk about the importance and value of family and even a variety of books and seminars have been written and held, this is the reason it is always a focus of attention and almost everyone has been looking for solutions to strengthen the bases of family, and also many different solutions have been presented for the damages pointed to it.

سمیتئاتر سکوت در خانواده

Apparently in recent years, due to the influence of developments that happened in a variety of fields, such as information technology, which has many advantages and intensified relations, however, diverse problems, such as cultural and social and even household economics, face challenges and has faced new type of problems and made it difficult for family members to interact with each other. One of which may be the silence in the family, in which the verbal and physical connections between the family members are dimmed, which means they do not have the opportunity to communicate emotionally.

سمیتئاتر سکوت در خانواده

It can be said that in such a situation, it is necessary to create different capacities, skills, and abilities in people and owing to the increasing number of technologies, solving this type of issue in families is not possible except with enticing methods that would attract the attention and consideration to such training. SemiTheatre is the One of these effective and attractive methods .

The brand-new and fascinating method of SemiTheater is based on the principles of scientific research and has been formulated with a good understanding and a systematic explanation of the changes that have led to the problem of silence in families. SemiTheatre explains all challenges from the bases and applies them to practical solutions in a realistic and creative way, also represent problems with a novel, even different language, that engage all the learners of their own. It means that they literally observe their very own problems and issues are performing in SemiTheater. As noted, this is due to a lot of focus on the recognition of issues and the preparation of performs on stage, so that learners could see themselves on the stage.

This continues to identifying all the problems and appropriate solutions to this issue, which means that the family precisely detects and identifies behavioral mistakes and find out about the effects of its. So, it can be said that SemiTheatre is a new and practical way of utilizing science and art to reduce the problems that threaten families and use it to break the negative silence in the family.

سمیتئاتر سکوت در خانواده

In the end, we could say that according to many family experts, dialogue, interaction, and exchange of information and creation of a warm atmosphere in the family are the most important factor in consolidating the family and breaking the silence in it. So, what better way than the new approach of SemiTheatre, which identifies all the factors and represents them as a piece of artwork?